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Telefonica – Hourglass
Client: Telefônica Empresas


This B2B piece was created to sell an extremely high-speed data connection for companies that need to transfer not only text, but also voice and image. The material found in the hourglass used in the piece went up instead of down, conveying the headline message: Make time run in your favour in an expected and straightforward way.

Silver in 2002 at ABEMD - Brazilian Direct Marketing Association
27th Brazilian Creative Annual 2002


Atento – Magnifying Glass
If you are looking for quality. 

Answer inside the box: 

Quality, the answer is here.

This B2B piece was created to sell the new state-of-the-art quality control offered by Atento. At the time, quality control was a new thing in the Brazilian market and companies were very concerned with it. The magnifying glass stresses the word quality before the person opens the box, and reveals it when the box is opened.

ECHO Awards Finalist in 2002.

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