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Kraft’s Tang
Wrote the entire content for this site for children, working side by side with the art direction and information architecture teams to create a fun and engaging environment that could educate and entertain the little ones. The work included all communications in social networks, one-to-one messages to the children and their parents in all touch points. Participated on the launch of the site and on its new version, one year later, following the London Olympics' game.


Kraft’s Clight

Launched and wrote all the content for the Clight’s revitalization campaign on Facebook and Twitter. The brand reached 142,000 fans in the first 3 months with an engagement of between 18% and 42%.


Whirlpool’s Brastemp and ConsulCreated and wrote the entire site content, working alongside the information architects and technology teams to create a user-friendly interface that could be true to both brands' core concepts (one for the upper-class trendy market and the other for middle-class families). 


Sete Malas Travel Blog

When the former travel site invited me to contribute content about my beloved London, I jumped at the opportunity and cried “Yes, please!”

It was a pleasure to write free-style about my favourite metropolis in the world.


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